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The Queens


Queen Siobahn

Siobahn is a beautiful black tabby and has grown to be a very large female with an extremely fluffy mane! She is smart and extra cuddly. Her favorite place to be in the house is anywhere we are! She is a fantastic mother to her kittens! Her kittens are currently being reserved and will be ready to go to their furrever homes in June!

Queen Cersie

Cersie  is the sweetest cat we have ever come across! Her warmth and love has spread through the entire house. She is definitely the house mother, always looking out for the other cats. And she never misses a chance to cuddle up with us. Her kittens range in colors from all black to beautiful reds, along with torties and tabbies.


Queen Coco

Coco is our solid white Maine Coon queen, just like the snow! She is the most demanding for love and attention. She loves taking naps next to us while we are watching TV and enjoys sharing the pillow at night while we sleep! She is a wonderful mother and enjoys playing with all the kittens in the house. Coco's kittens range from colors of pure white to calicos!

Queens: Our Queens
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