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The Kings

All of our breeders were specifically chosen from European Champion lines. They have all been health tested to ensure that each of their kittens are genetically healthy.



Hercules is a huge red and white Maine Coon. His personality is just as big as his size. He is such a loving father to his kittens and has a fearless and compassionate personality.


Zorro is our gentle giant. He is an astonishing 25lbs at only 2 years of age! He still has a few years left of growing to do (Maine Coons will continue to grow until they are 4-5 years old). He likes to have all eyes and hands on him! He loves being the center of attention and enjoys lots of cuddles. He plays well with all of the cats in the house, and enjoys cuddling with them too!



Romeo is our big cuddle bug! He curls up in our arms like a baby every chance he gets! His name fits his personality to a T. He is extremely smart and courageous. He loves to play fetch and watch the birds from the window. He is our youngest stud and has a beautiful red shaded coloration. At only a year old, he is already over 20lbs!! 

Studs: Our Kings
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