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A close up of a cat face head Gray maine coon mainecoon. lies on the scratching post. Pink

Maine Coons MK Welcomes You!

Here to make your life even better by adding the best kind of furry companion to your family!

Maine Coons MK has kittens that are available! We also have an upcoming litter that will be born the end of May, 2024! Please contact us at (724) 552-8390 to reserve your new fur baby.

Our kittens come from European Champion lines. European Maine Coons have a more exotic look with larger and taller ears and bigger lynx-like tufts. They also have stronger, square-shaped muzzles. All Maine Coons are intelligent, friendly, and loyal companions. Every one of our Maine Coons will be extremely large in size with an even larger personality! Males typically range from 20-30 lbs and females will grow to be 15-20 lbs.

All of our breeders are health tested and guaranteed free of any genetic life threatening illness!

Each of our Maine Coon kittens comes with a 3 year health guarantee and everything they need to transition into their new home:

-Exam given by a certified Veterinarian to check their teeth, eyesight, heart and lungs.


-FVRCP vaccinations

-Bloodwork analysis completed

-Microchipped and registered with PetLink


-Nails trimmed and Ear cleaning

-Care package containing some toys, treats, and food that they are currently eating (wet and/or dry)


We have Maine Coon kittens available in Utah and Southern California. If you are located outside of these areas, we are more than happy to personally hand deliver the kitten(s) to you. The cost of delivery varies depending on the flights available. We DO NOT prefer shipping kittens as cargo due to the amount of stress it puts on them.

Our kittens pricing starts at $3,000 and increases depending on the quality, sex and coloration of each individual kitten. The more expensive kittens are 'show' quality or have rare colorations. Be extremely wary of sellers with 'too good to be true' prices. Maine Coon kittens that are low priced are usually SCAMS, unhealthy, bred illegally, or are NOT purebred Maine Coons.

​​To reserve one of our kittens, we request a $1,000 deposit. The kitten would then be shown as 'out of stock' and reserved. DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. The remaining balance is due upon time of pickup or delivery. After we receive a deposit, we will gladly send you updated photos of your kitten. Our litters are registered with TICA, so you will receive documentation and instructions on how to transfer the kitten into your name. Email us at today or call (724)552-8390 for any questions you might have.



-You are required to make a deposit before any contact.

-Seller prefers to be contacted through email or text only.

-Seller might ask for payment through gift cards.

-Price of kitten is too good to be true.

-Website uses broken English and bad punctuation.

We also work closely with MNM MaineCoons, a reputable breeder in Utah, so we will always be able to find the right Maine Coon kitten for you.

Check out our kittens page to see which kittens are still available! We are more than happy to do a videocall with you to show you the kitten of your choice. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Get in touch with us to inquire more about our kittens!
Texting is the best way to receive the fastest reply.

(724) 552-8390

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